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Nityananda Institute is a community of dedicated spiritual practitioners based in Portland, Oregon, and directed by Swami Chetanananda. The spiritual practice at Nityananda Institute has its basis in the philosophy of Trika Yoga, a tantric tradition of Kashmir Shaivism. Although the tradition of Trika Yoga is over a thousand years old, its methods and philosophy are profoundly relevant today.

Trika Yoga is a practice for those who wish to explore their essential nature and to live its fullest expression in a state of total well-being. As a tantric tradition, Trika Yoga teaches us to embrace all of life—there is nothing to be rejected or denied. As students of this tradition at Nityananda Institute, we continually refine our understanding; our life becomes a conscious process of growth and transformation. While we appreciate that direct, personal experience is the key to any spiritual endeavor, we believe that there is also a place for enhancing our intellectual grasp of the practice.

These resources are offered as a tool for students at Nityananda Institute and anyone else interested in the philosophy and practice of Trika Yoga. In addition, we will include resources relating to other topics of interest to members of the Nityananda Institute community.

Updated April 4, 2008

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